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While Toys R Us possibly coming back sounds promising, I still feel bad about those thousands of employees who were laid off.


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The building that used to house our local Toys 'R' Us just recently finished taking down its signs. Last time I checked, the people removing the letters from the roof left them inside the store, near the exit, but I don't know if they've moved since then.


Cheeky Jester
Nice, the atmosphere of a toy store is something you can't get from other stores. I hope history doesn't repeat itself and Toys R Us goes bankrupt again. Getting laid off sucks. I should now...

I also hope that the former Toys R Us employees finally get their severance pay after all of this.

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I hope you don't mind that I posted that link you found on Action Figure Insider. People there will be ecstatic.


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I never went to Toys R Us because it was 2 hours away and mom's opinion on literally everything fun was "you don't need it".


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I'm shocked they turned around and just decided to bring it back in just a short time. Anyway, my Toys R Us became a Big Lots.

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