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  • Me riffing the Charlie Brown Christmas Special on PBS Kids this evening:

    Lucy: "Go get a aluminum Christmas tree Charlie Brown, one that's pink!"

    Me: "Eww, God no!".
    What's up with Mattel's fondness with Scare Glow in new Masters of the Universe merchandise? Maybe because he's a FREAKING SKELETON THAT GLOWS IN THE DARK, which is more toyetic than a guy with just a skull for a face, like Skeletor.
    Whenever i see a TV commercial for a law firm, It makes me want to ask them if any of their attorneys are blind, and fight crime at night on the side.
    What's the deal with making all these zombie and Venomzied versions of different Marvel characters? I know why($$$), but still, they probably might frighten some people, I reckon.
    With Masters of the Universe: Origins, GI Joe Classified, and Transformers R.E.D. coming soon, it looks like it'll be the 1980s all over again in the toy aisles!
    That's who makes the retro MLPs? I saw those at my local Meijers store, but I thought Hasbro did those themselves, like the retro Star Wars figures and the like.
    Low Spark of Lyman
    Low Spark of Lyman
    This is more the 1990s, but I've read that some Tiger Electronics handheld games are making a comeback, one of them being Transformers: Generation 2.
    Alex Dockery
    Alex Dockery
    Also, the original Super Soakers. As well as them re-releasing The Real Ghostbusters action figures.
    It's funny, watching old movie trailers and finding out the guy who did the voice for Green Lantern on The SuperFriends narrated trailers for 1970s grindhouse/exploitation flicks.
    Michael Rye's career goes further back than that. He was the announcer for the Cisco Kid TV show in the 50's, and voiced the Lone Ranger in the 1966 animated series.
    Who would go through all the trouble to colorize Plan 9 From Outer Space? At least RiffTrax went through the trouble to riff it.
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Here's another weekly ideal CN schedule I made, for next week. No longer a "snooze button" all week long.

"There's no such thing as a perfect episode."

[Rewatches Bunny Raven]

Joachim Horseley, who did the music for Batman: Soul Of The Dragon, also does the music for Big City Greens.
my bad news: my laptop backspace key is not working... rest other keys in keyboard work fine

Still wish for keyboard backspace to be fixed..
I asked a basic yes or no question about Star Vs. Months ago, and these are the responses I get. Slander.

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