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Opinion changed from The 7D. I didn't like it, because it's often more bland despite the animation and the writing as well. It's kinda more like Teen Titans Go! I don't even blame on Parry Gripp's music.
Has anyone seen the new Sonic the Hedgehog movie yet? I just did and I LOVED IT! It was such a fun and heartwarming movie and I can't wait to see more of Sonic in the sequel (if it gets made)!
You think the 2016 reboot is the worst entry in the Powerpuff Girls franchise? That honor actually goes to "Powerpuff Girls Z". How about that?
I'm one of those people that's more familiar with Sonic's arch-enemy being called "Dr. Ivo Robotnik" rather than "Eggman".

As I mentioned, Melanie Minichino should definitely sing more.