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  • It's my sister's birthday. She's turning 19. At least, that's what I tell her every year. Always gets a big laugh.

    Friendly word of advice, a woman asks you to guess her age, ALWAYS say 19. Even if she's 70, it will tickle them.
    Have things actually changed? I'm sensing a difference this week. Tell me if I'm wrong. I am getting the sense the rest of us are getting completely fed up with the antivaxxers prolonging this beyond all reason. The language I'm hearing from my side has stopped being understanding and reasonable. We're pissed.

    About damn time. GET THE DAMN SHOT.
    Fone Bone
    Fone Bone
    The cool thing is society has begun to allow us to say it elsewhere. We don't have to humor these nitwits anymore.
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    Why were we humorist these idiots anyway, is the real question I should have asked, honestly enough!
    Fone Bone
    Fone Bone
    Because the media said we should. That's the only reason.
    I heard this wonderful science theory called the Astley Paradox. If Rick Astley owns a copy of the DVD Up, and you ask him borrow it, he'll say no, because he'll never give you Up. But by never giving you Up, he's letting you down, thus creating the Astley Paradox.
    Big July 4th Drawing Board surprise was that I redrew the first issue of Gilda And Meek!

    You can view Gilda And Meek "Groundwork" Special Edition in my Un-Iverse thread here:

    My artwork is in the latest Daily Kos Art Expo! Look!

    So last night, I dreamed the lyrics to a song I thought should end the entire Un-Iverse. I already had an ending (and it's unchanged) but this is a small addition. I woke up and put them to paper with a couple of minor alterations. And yes, they DO incredibly rhyme and did in my dream too. I have weird dreams.

    The Twin Peaks fan in me likes the idea that I thought up the end of my story in a dream.
    In a cranky mood today. If I seem a little edgy on the forums, that's why.

    My back is getting better, so that's good.
    Why did you get so mad at me whan talking about a flaw?.

    I'm not really mad but just confused.
    Are you still cranky?
    Fone Bone
    Fone Bone
    A good night sleep does wonders. My problems weren't actually on this forum yesterday. I got into a major flame war on Daily Kos and I was pretty much shaking with rage. But I'm feeling back to my ol' insufferable self! :D
    I don't understand this site's obsession with "eras" for cartoon channels. I barely remember yesterday, and my life is a giant blur. How am I supposed to remember the intricacies of various specific television schedules over the years, much less how I felt about them at the time? You guys are totally weird.
    Are you like me? Do you hate David E Kelley? Then watch me shred him and his terrible writing in my Mr. Mercedes Season 3 reviews!

    You'll be glad you did. #JusticeForRosalindHayes
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Here's a fun fact. Benjamin Valic said in this article about how he considers Robert Downey Jr as one of his favorite actors.

What I currently plan: Artistic Alphabet, but with references to various Anime Superhero members in the background.

This is the original version, it was made in 1996 and uploaded to Youtube a decade later:
To think that it was 5 years ago on this day when Ronnie Anne Santiago made her "formal"/on-screen debut. It was on May 3rd of that year when she made her "technical"/off-screen debut.

The winner of this matchup is Surprise, which got 4 votes. The Birthday Cruise got 1 vote. The next matchup is Sleepover Sneak In. It's between "Slumber Party Sneak In" from Too Loud and "Blunder Party" from The Casagrandes.

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