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  • youtube nickelodeon now streaming live: SpongeBob episodes , youtube NickRewind currently streaming iCarly iKiss and iThink They Kissed episodes,
    I think I kno why Nicktoons brought back older shows, as well as NickRewind, I think it might have something to do with Tooned In. Tooned In is a trivia game show with Nickelodeon cartoons trivia questions.

    We do have Nickelodeon on netflix thread, I wonder why nobody is using it other than me? It was last active on Nov 2019

    Are You Afraid of the Dark (2019) season 2 first episode now available on nickelodeon youtube
    Funny thing is how the video with full episode on Nickelodeon US account, according to YouTube region restriction checker - intermediary page is available not only in North America (including Canada), but also in Scandinavia, the Baltics, Poland (where I live), CEE, Caucasus, Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, China, Central Asia, SAARC, Cambodia, Thailand and Laos.
    Youtube nickelodeon currently livestreaming: Are You Afraid of the Dark: Curse of the Shadows - The Tale of Haunting Wood
    I think we have too many conventions now between the comics, videogames, tech, and now shows & movies.

    This thread also reached 1000 posts, please administrators lock this thread. Part 2 was already created

    Why isn't this thread locked? This thread already reached 1000 posts, and I left a message last month
    So I checked Nickelodeon no longer showing promo for watch on DVR, but with shows like Danger Force, Side Hustle, Unfiltered, etc reruns, they showed text on bottom left something on DVR
    So apparently zap2it updated, and "Signoff" for 1am-6am is REALLY an error for early Mon Feb 8, and schedule reversed it back.. for nick@nite. Sorry for alarming you guys.. Then again Nick can always makes last minute changes in no time.
    Toons Fan
    Toons Fan
    The Kids' Choice Awards is happening on Saturday, March 13th with host Kenan Thompson!

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    Also it will be starting at 7:30PM... no surprise, since maybe 9PM likely won't have post-KCA series afterwards, just like 2019 and last year though. Although 2019 post KCA was a repeat show of Henry Danger but aired with behind the scenes and stuff.

    That thread reached 1000 posts, someone or any admin please lock that thread.

    Don't know where to post, youtube Nickelodeon now uploaded Side Hustle - Friendiversary full ep
    my bad news: my laptop backspace key is not working... rest other keys in keyboard work fine

    Still wish for keyboard backspace to be fixed..
    don't know where to post, but last night on Nickelodeon after new The Substitute, and before Ice Age: The Meltdown movie, Nickelodeon aired this 1 min. video about Kids Show Off Their Visions:
    this weekend's radio backtrax 90s tube test was Rugrats! I remember in past there used be Ren and Stimpy theme before.
    Nick isn't the only one being simulcasted, but Freeform today was airing NFL Wild Card,
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Today marks the 5th Year Anniversary of when the HD Version of Twilight Princess was released in North America. I wouldn't be surprised if it was brought over to the Switch as early as this year.
I'm really not sure how I feel about Paramount+.
So there's this magical fantasy land and all the people lived together in peace. But now they're all divided, until one heroine sets out to bring everyone together. What movie am I talking about?
youtube nickelodeon now streaming live: SpongeBob episodes , youtube NickRewind currently streaming iCarly iKiss and iThink They Kissed episodes,

The Rose parade is planning to return by 2022, a sign that in the next year our pre-COVID life could finally bounce back and the pandemic protocols expire for good.

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