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Finally started playing Mario Sunshine on Nintendo Switch after many years.

I never got to finish the whole game as a kid, so I'll be able to finish it for the first time, ever :D.
So, the new Crispy Chicken Sandwich at McDonald's is just a glorified and more expensive version of the McChicken...without mayonnaise. But wait! If you pay more for the DELUXE Crispy Chicken sandwich, you CAN get mayonnaise :rolleyes:
harry580 wrote on ShadowBlinky's profile.
hey, I like your profile pic because Horton hears a who is my favorite movie
Season 2 of Let's Go Luna comes out on May 10.

PF9 wrote on harry580's profile.
You need to stop criticizing my ideas.

It says in my signature if you don't like my ideas, don't say anything.

I'm 14 years older than you, so maybe you should treat me with more respect. Yes I'm essentially saying respect your elders.

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