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The winner of this matchup is "Into The Hundred Acre Wood", which got 3 votes. "The Manny With The Golden Bear" got nothing. Our next match is Ben 10 crossovers. We have "Heroes United" (Ben 10 Ultimate Alien & Generator Rex) and TGIS (Ben 10 Omniverse & The Secret Saturdays).

some Twitter thread I started about my history with CN, inspired by this trend of telling your history with a channel there.
Currently watching Klaus on Netflix, cause it's Christmas in July. :p

I'm at St Joseph, MO though.
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Just finished recently, and it's my new favorite film so far. I really loved the character designs, and so does the cute children.

Just left St Joseph, and on my way to home.
Mr. Enter's true colors have been finally revealed.
The Overlord
Frankly, I lost any respect I could have had for him a long time ago, he seems rather ignorant about a bunch of stuff and frankly him screaming about a cartoon from 30 years ago that no one remembers makes seem like an immature person obsessed with trivial nonsense. Its why I like someone like Sabrespark better, he doesn't go on rants and he doesn't get angry at obscure cartoons.
lol 2020 just keeps on gifting these surprises.
That's got to be the most well articulated piece of content I've ever seen out of Mr. Enter.
@SweetShop209 Mr. Enter really needs help. I worry that he might commit suicide judging on what he was saying in some comments.