Top 100 Trade Paperbacks of all time according to Wizard

Memphis Bleek

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Dec 27, 2001
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Here's the list

100. Batman: Faces
99. The Red Star
98. Batman: Red Rain
97. Spider-man vs Venom
96. The Complete Concrete
95. X-MEN: From the Ashes
94. Batman: Haunted History
93. The Adventures of Tony Millionaire's Sock Monkey
92. Cerebus Vol 2: High Society
91. Wolverine: Blood Debt
90. American Flagg Vol 1: Hard Times
89. Batman: Arkham Asylum
88. Incredible Hulk: Ground Zero
87. Ultimate X-MEN Vol 1: The Tommorrow People
86. Batman: Dark Victory
85: Nightwing Vol 4
84. The Coffin
83. Batman/Huntress: Cry for Blood
82. Green Lantern: Emerald Dawn
81. Obergeist: Director's Cut
80. Crisis of the Infinite Earths
79. Avengers: Ultron Unlimited
78. JLA: Earth 2
77. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Collected Book Vol.1
76. Batman: Then Long Halloween
75. Doom Patrol: Crawling from the Wreckage
74. Whiteout
73. Punisher: Circle of Blood
72. POWERS Vol.1: Who killed Retro Girl?
71. Goldfish
70. Fortune and Glory
69. Wolverine
68. Captain America: War and Remembrance
67. Daredevil: The Man Without Fear
66. Avengers: Under Siege
65. Silver Surfer: The Rebirth of Thanos
64. X-MEN: God Loves, Man kills
63. JINX: The Definitive Collection
62. X-Force: A New Beginning
61. Justice League: A New Beginning
60. Infinity Gauntlet
59. Earth X
58. JLA: New World Order
57. Dr. Strange/Dr. Doom: Triumph and Torment
56. Legion of Super-Heroes: The Great Darkness Saga
55. Strangers in Paradise Vol 2: I Dream of You
54. Animal Man
53. Hellblazer: Dangerous Habits
52. Box Office Poison
51. The Authority Vol 2: Under New Management
50. The Power of Iron Man
49. Stormwatch Vol 4: A Finer World
48. Hellboy: The Chained Coffin and Others
47. Thor Visionaries: Walt Simonson
46. Hellblazer: Hard Time
45. X-MEN: E for Extinction
44. Usagi Yojimbo Book 6
43. Fanastic Four Visionaries: John Byrne
42. 100 Bullets Vol. 3: Hang Up on the Down Low
41. Akira Vol. 1
40. Kingdom Come
39. Banner
38. Neil Gaiman's Midnight Days
37. PLANETARY Vol. 2: The Fourth Man
36. SIN CITY: A Dame to Kill For
35. Pedro and Me
34. 3DO
33. League of Extraordinary Gentlemen
32. Bone Vol 2: The Great Cow Race
30. Astro City Vol 3: Confessions
29. Daredevil:Yellow
28. Spider-man: Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut
27. SIN CITY: That Yellow Bastard
26. Solar, Man of the Atom: Alpha and Omega
25. Fanastic Four: The Trial of Galactus
24. Death: The High Cost of Living
23. Superman For All Season
21. The Books of Magic
20. Preacher Vol. 3: Proud Americans
18. Daredevil Visionaries: Frank Miller Vol. 2
17. MAGNUS, Robot Fighter: Steel Nation
16. Top 10 Book 1
15. The New Teen Titans: The Judas Contract
14. Miracleman Vol 3: Olympus
13. Swamp Thing Vol 1: Saga of the Swamp Thing
12. X-MEN: Days of Future Past
11. The Golden Age
10. X-MEN: The Dark Phoenix Saga
9. Superman: Whatever Happened to the Man of Tommorrow
8. Marvels
7. Daredevil: Born Again
6. Batman: Year One
5. Ultimate Spider-Man Vol. 1
4. Sandman Vol 4: Season of Mists
3. Batman: The Dark Returns 10th Aniversary Edition
2. Watchmen
1 Maus: A Survivor's Tale

Most of my favorite tpbs are on the list so I'm satisified.


Nov 8, 2001
Newcastle, Australia
Wow. I'm surprised Kingdom Come is SO way down the list, at 40.

How was the list generated? a vote of the Wizard readers? sales numbers? or something else?

Memphis Bleek

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Dec 27, 2001
Arlington, VA, USA
How the tpbs were ranked

Originally posted by sulimo
Wow. I'm surprised Kingdom Come is SO way down the list, at 40.

How was the list generated? a vote of the Wizard readers? sales numbers? or something else?

The tpbs have to meet three criteria

1. the original stories
2. extra material (i.e., new covers, CD roms, sketchbooks, creator commentary, reprinted scripts, etc)
3. the presentation (i.e, paper stock, coloring, size, etc.)

James Harvey

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Apr 23, 2001
I agree Ms. Kitty - there's no Starman here whatsoever, and there should be. The title was consistently good month and month out. And the artwork was something to behold! Except for the absence of Starman. this top 100 isn't actually all that bad. I ma especially happy to see Spider-man: Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut in here, as that was just a great talw!


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Mar 2, 2002
Hmm. It was good to see Akira and Strangers In Paradise get a mention, though I would have liked to see more manga. I feel that Grendel: Devil By The Deed should have gotten a spot...and Sandman: Season of Mists?! SoM was one of the weakest volumes of the series (and had the worst art), The Doll's House would have been a better choice.


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May 20, 2002
Incredible to see that there is more than one Starman fan out there. It truly was the greatest comic series that I have ever read and nothing will ever begin to compare.

There have been 7 trade paperbacks collected so far, chronologically collecting the series. Unlike so many other titles, all the issues are collected from one to the next. No issues are omitted, except in the case of the Times Past issues (some of which have already been collected in the TIME PAST paperback and more Times Past stories will undoubtedly be collected in upcoming TIMES PAST volumes.)

The paperbacks that have been released thus far are as follows...
  1. [*]Sins of the Father
    [*]Night & Day
    [*]A Wicked Inclination
    [*]Times Past
    [*]Infernal Devices
    [*]To Reach the Stars
    [*]A Starry Knight

DC has said before that they are committed to eventually collecting the entire series, but they're really taking too long. :) Do yourselves all a favor and go buy all the Starman TPB's and then find the rest of the series in single issues.

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Dec 9, 2001
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Maus deserved first, and I'm glad it got it. My only beef with this list is that The Long Halloween should have been farther up. Otherwise, I'd say it's generally right-on.


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