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In loving memory of VH1 Europe: fillers from the 2003-2014 logo era and a memorial video of the pre-2010 era.
Dr Mario World shuts down by November
Have things actually changed? I'm sensing a difference this week. Tell me if I'm wrong. I am getting the sense the rest of us are getting completely fed up with the antivaxxers prolonging this beyond all reason. The language I'm hearing from my side has stopped being understanding and reasonable. We're pissed.

About damn time. GET THE DAMN SHOT.
Jim Krieg said how he almost didn't write Justice League: The Flashpoint Paradox since he was busy working on Green Lantern The Animated Series, but through persuasion from Alan Burnett, he took on the job.

R.I.P. Ron Popeil, inventor, businessman and founder of Ronco. "Set it, and forget it." "But wait, there's more." "Something-o-matic".

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