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  • Based on my reference pools, the series that I've noticed besides Star Wars that gets a lot of debates over what order to experience it in is The Chronicles of Narnia.
    Today marks the 25th Year Anniversary of when Diddy Kong Racing was released in North America. This Nintendo 64 game remains a fascinating one to me for combining the racing genre and the platformer genre into a single experience.
    Today marks the 30th Year Anniversary of when Sonic 2 was released in North America. Miles "Tails" Prower is a character who remains near and dear to me as the reason I was able to participate in a 2 player adventure for the first time.
    Today marks the 5th Year Anniversary of Super Mario Odyssey. This Nintendo Switch game was the type of 3D Mario game I was looking forward to since Super Mario 64.
    Today marks the 10th Year Anniversary of when Pokémon Black 2 & White 2 were released in North America. The Unova Games are my 3rd favorite games in the Pokémon Franchise.
    Today marks the 10th Year Anniversary of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012), if one were to count the "sneak peek" airing. This was the first entry from the TMNT Franchise that I saw all the way through from beginning to end.
    Today marks the 10th Year Anniversary of the "formal" premiere of Ben 10: Omniverse. If one were to count the "sneak peek" airing, then the 10th Year Anniversary would have been on August 1st.
    Today marks the 30th Year Anniversary of Batman: The Animated Series and the DCAU, by extension. The DCAU was my introduction to the characters from DC Comics and I remain grateful for that particular introduction.
    Happy 60th birthday to James Marsters. His performance as Zamasu was one of the big highlights of DBS for me.
    Today marks the 5th Year Anniversary of Sonic Mania. As someone who had their introduction to video games through the Sega Genesis Days of Sega's mascot, this game was a dream come true for me and I am hopeful it will receive a sequel some day in the future.
    Today marks the 5th Year Anniversary of when DuckTales (2017) premiered. I found this reboot to be an entertaining watch and was impressed by how it incorporated aspects of other Disney cartoons (such as Darkwing Duck). Likewise, I appreciated getting to know Della Duck.
    Overs the years, I have come to understand how tone & attitude is something that isn't easy to convey in a typed/written format like the Internet.
    I'm one of those DBZ fans that never saw (Non-Canon) Broly's hatred towards Goku as "because Goku cried a lot as a baby". I saw (Non-Canon) Broly's hatred towards Goku as him associating Goku's crying with the near death trauma endured at the time.
    One of my favorite analogies is the analogy George R. R. Martin came up with in regards too the different approaches to writing: the "gardener approach" and the "architect approach".
    One of the biggest debates I tend to see is where exactly does on draw the line between someone being very passionate about a work of fiction vs taking a work of fiction far too seriously for their own good.
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Happy 57th Anniversary to A Charlie Brown Christmas.
Jessica Gallaher said on her website that she worked on Jessica's Big Little World. Given how she credits herself as both a storyboard artist and writer, this means the show is storyboard driven like Craig Of The Creek. This is also the second preschool show after Let's Go Luna to be storyboard driven.

Wrote a little review for Kids Next Door: Operation Zero today. Quite a nice watch that expanded the universe in fun and interesting ways, as per usual.
Looks like there is some good news!

I speculate this third pandemic winter could end up being it's very last one, ever (we don't need to have too many).

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