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  • The reason why I write "HBOmax" as a compound word with "max" all lower case is because it looks cooler that way and it more closely resembles the logo of the service.
    Greg Berlanti should also make live-action versions of Scooby-Doo!, and Jonny Quest for the CW and of numerous other H-B action cartoons for HBOmax that would be set in the DC TV multiverse. (continued in first reply)
    This one would be edgier, which would fit with the series (yes, it would be a TV series) being in the same universe as Riverdale (and for that matter, Katy Keene). Fittingly, the Archie gang was an inspiration for the Mystery Inc. gang.
    We need a live-action Space Ghost show, but George Lowe can't voice him or anything like that.
    In a word, no.
    I have watched all of Star Trek: TOS, TAS, TNG, DS9, and VOY so far. Now it's on to Enterprise, just that and the movies remain and I will be all caught up with all things Star Trek.
    I have to get two teeth with really bad cavities pulled out, but I need to be put to sleep for it. I hope insurance covers it.
    Cavity is always a painful process and even adults are afraid of it. My mom used to have cavity and for her-it was pain. She even cried in result.
    Sometimes you gotta outstand something that is important to you.
    Someone really needs to shoot Dean Riley on In the Dark. Police are not popular in real life now, so it's time someone speaks out against a fictional cop.
    After today I will have watched 24 episodes of the original Star Trek so far (the pilot and the first 23 regular episodes).
    Pokemon World Variants of Looney Tunes Characters, Volume 1:

    Bugs Bunny - Bailey Buneary
    Daffy Duck - Swanky Swanna
    Porky Pig - Grady Grumpig
    Elmer Fudd - Elton Judd
    Yosemite Sam - Nimbasa Nick

    More on the way!
    It's only a matter of time before streaming services commission original TV series produced and released as if they were broadcast network series (22-24 eps a season, released once a week sporadically between late Sept. and May, and 42-44 min. per episode for drama and 20-22 min. per episode for comedy, with spots where ad breaks would go, which would be useful if such a series has enough episodes for syndication).
    Which service will pioneer this type of streaming series remains to be seen.
    Why would that happen?
    To provide network series with similar enough competition. Think about it. The amount of network-styled series right now is limited because networks only have so much room on their schedules. People who want to watch streaming series but are put off by the more mature content of some shows could use network-styled streaming series as an alternative.
    Time to retire SpongeBob from the KCAs favorite animated series category.

    The KCAs should create a hall of fame where frequent multiple winners of the same award should be inducted, like SpongeBob. This would disqualify them from being nominated in that category ever again.
    Fred Silverman passed away recently

    With him and Dean Hargrove, we wouldn't have the modern-day Viacom (or as it is officially called, ViacomCBS).
    My ideal live-action Bayonetta movie cast

    Hayley Atwell - Bayonetta
    Scarlett Johanssen - Jeanne
    Bradley Cooper - Luka
    Chi McBride - Rodin
    Carmine Giovinazzo - Enzo
    Kate Mulgrew - Rosa
    Bryan Cranston - Balder

    First three acted in the MCU. Other possibilities for Rodin are Samuel L. Jackson (Nick Fury) and Mike Colter (Luke Cage).
    After watching last week's Family Guy, I've decided that participation trophies should be illegal. The minimum punishment for handing them out should be a 25-year prison sentence with no parole possibility for 10 years.
    I'm in the minority here but I actually enjoyed Cop Rock. I would love a reboot on Hulu.
    Never saw it but it definitely has its fans, I know some of my family were keen
    It has been shown that meatball subs are one of the things Lynn Jr. likes to eat.

    I could go for a vegan meatball sub myself.
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The winner of this matchup is "Dia De Los Muertos", which got 2 votes. "The Return Of El Capitan" got 1 vote. The next matchup is Haunted House Adventures. It's been the Scooby Doo TV special "Night Of The Living Doo" and the Glitch Techs episode "Castle Crawl".