Do you still like TBS?


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I never watched TBS all that much, only sometimes. When Close Enough was announced, the channel was on my watchlist however it got delayed and would air on HBO Max instead (I already binged it about 6 times already). Final Space initially aired on TBS and then moved to Adult Swim. I personally don’t care much for TBS anymore. The only other first-run cartoon they have is American Dad from Fox and then mostly just reruns of shows like Friends, Big Bang Theory, Family Guy etc.


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I just got through watching some reruns of Big Bang Theory on TBS. I don’t have a tv in my room, so I don’t really watch much regular tv, but reruns of BBT are always great to me.


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I watched TBS more right when they were in the very funny era watching reruns of Home Improvement, Raymond, King of Queens. I did enjoy a couple of the originals like Angie Tribeca and if they had a movie, I liked on. I watch them for A Christmas story in December but they kind have lost my attention when they lost focus. I might catch Friends every once in awhile. Raymond airs at better times on TV land.


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