A question about the Skypiea arc.

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Jan 20, 2020
Hello :)

I’m Anime_Nerd_90_FV, nice to meet you all.

First of all, I want to apologize to the mods and admins, because when I first registered I put my e-mail wrong and even after correcting it in the settings I didn't receive the welcome e-mail. So I had to register multiple times with different e-mails. So please forgive me.

As my name suggests, I love anime, and although I am a nerd from the 90s. I was born in the late 80s and started watching anime reliquary in the early 2000s, namely 2003.

My favorite animes are Dragonball, One Piece, Naruto, and Detective Conan. I'm aloso a fan of sport animes.

I'm also A huge movie lover, and dream of having a large room for my movie collection. One of my favorite films is The Breakfast Club and one of my least favorate is Suicide Squad.

I enjoy meeting new people who like anime and movies. I'm a member to a number of anime forums,some I'm still in touch with others lost touch with because of my real life commitments. But this is my first time joining a forum that focuses on both anime and movies.

I hope we can be friends, and enjoy our time together

Now that I introduced myself, allow me to ask my question:

I will be honest with you, I asked this question in a lot of forums and still didn't get an answer, in fact, if you searched for this question on google chances are the poster is me. And I also asked people that watch One Piece as well and I'm still looking for answers. And this question is one of the main reasons why I joined this forum. And I'm not doing this because of any malicious intent, I genuinely don't know the answer.
So I'm hoping to find an answer here.

In the Skypiea arc in the One Piece anime series, Enel, who is the main antagonist of that arc, says he's "god", is that true?

And if so, does he mean he’s A god, like Thor from the Marvel comic book franchise or does he mean he’s THE God, the one one that Muslims and Christians pray to?

And did any of the Straw Hat Pirates believed him?


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Apr 10, 2017
New Milford, NJ
In Skypeia, the title of the ruler is "Kami" which can mean either "God" or "Lightning". In Enel's case it's that he has a Messianic complex and LITERALLY believes he's "God", but no he's not. The crew doesn't buy it for a second, but they aren't gonna try to call out the crazy guy who can smite people with lightning out it.

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Dec 14, 2008
New York City
Yeah, Enel isn't literally "God", but he certainly wants the characters to treat him as if he is one.

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