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  • Episode 15 of Grossology - I had to gag at the end. I think I've had enough of this cartoon.
    My list of old cartoons I have yet to watch keeps getting shorter and shorter. I don't know if that should make me sad or excited??
    The movie "Interstellar" should have been about a bio-engineer and geo-engineer saving the world from those dust storms and fungi.
    I had to buy 5 American science coursebooks and I noticed the international editions are often over 3 times cheaper, but the content is the same. The only difference is the use of metric only and the "Not for sale in the USA and Canada" banner.
    Too bad they never made transformation sequences for Benmummy, Benvicktor, Upchuck, Ditto, Eye Guy and Way Big.
    Oh no, 2020 is almost there and I STILL haven't decided how to say that word!! :eek:
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    "Two thousand twenty" is so conservative, but "twenty twenty" makes me sound like a manager.
    A few days ago, Greenland lost 12 500 000 000 m³ of ice in one day. (that's 3,300,000,000,000 gallons of ice) This melting rate was expected around 2070.
    Teenage Ed, Edd and Eddy appear in Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends at a yunkyard for imaginary friend battles!
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Kids' Net Coming With a Big Catch DiC almost had their own digital kids network
I know it's late, but the Loud family's Thanksgiving dinner must have been a huge burden on the family toilet
I just noticed something. It looks like Starz Kids and Family and Starz Encore Family is no longer airing shows from the WildBrain library. I'm guessing the rights to those shows must have been expired. They been airing on those channels for almost 5 years.
Anybody remember how stores used to have playable demos in their video game departments? I think Best Buy is the only one that still has them in my area.
The winner of this matchup is "The Madagascar Penguins In A Christmas Caper" , which got 2 votes. "Fortress Of Solidarity" got 1 vote. The next matchup is Snowy Disaster. It's between the Static Shock episode "Frozen Out" and the Elena Of Avalor episode "Snow Place Like Home".