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  • Hi, I've noticed while looking through various threads that you sent images of Boomerang UK from 2007 (Land Before Time and presentation), is it possible you still have where these originated from by any chance?
    Tell me about what happened in the "There's More After This" bumper with Porky Pig on Boomerang & upload it on YouTube.Please!
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Today I enjoyed trying some nostalgic online CN games through the Wayback Machine. Some games didn't work, such as select KND games (DCR files instead of SWF ones) or the Puffy Ami-Yumi games (Dish It Out had Flash Player compatibility issue while World Tour just couldn't start after the controls tutorial).
Happy 60th birthday to Greg Weisman. Gargoyles, The Spectacular Spider-Man and Young Justice are all shows that I have enjoyed watching, overall.
so...remember when toonami got controversies for showing something on the fanart segment
I just saw a Frozen 10-Year Anniversary ad on YouTube.

I am officially ancient.
I can't help but find it surreal knowing that this year is Google's 25th Year Anniversary.

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