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Okay, so..I turn on my Roku TCL smart TV. I go under movies on the home screen, and I see an ad for Baby Shark's Big Movie on Paramount+ from Nickelodeon. I was better off not knowing this existed. Why, Nick? Why? Aren't you guys cringeworthy enough already?
Watching Attack on Titan. Man there's a bunch of episodes in the first half of Season 1 that are just people talking and yelling in circles. Has nobody on the anime staff thought of editing?
Happy Hanukkah to all the Jewish users on this website!
the X ai chatbot Grok was actually named after Dorkus Aurelius' catchphrase "Oh Grok!", whenever his plans go south. This is due to Elon Musk being a huge Planet Sheen fan (which is also what inspired his plans for space travel and housing).
i just found out that william tell is a switzerlandish folk hero and not a real person

all this time i thought he was a composer how named the overture after himself because he had a big ego...

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