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  1. I Am Nickelodeon 1

    June 2020 Nick Premieres

    June 2020 Nick Premieres. As We Start an unusual Summer, soon we will be back to better times... (All Times EST!!) Premieres and Finales... (Series Premiere) (Season Premiere) (Series Finale) (Season Finale) Last Month's Premieres --> May 2020 Nick Premieres Next Month's Premieres --> July...
  2. Tacomaster

    What If SLAM! Continued?

    I made a spreadsheet chronicling a faux-history of SLAM!, Nickelodeon's short lived action block. In this alternate timeline, SLAM! continues to the present day, and now you get a glimpse of its rise and fall. Shows on this have either aired on Nickelodeon or NickToons in America, with the sole...
  3. Tacomaster

    So I compiled the average ratings of the latest five episodes of several shows...

    ...and here is what I got on the Nickelodeon side. Top to bottom, followed by an average and an overview. I only used regular episodes that aired on Nickelodeon. No Nicktoons airings, no specials, just regularity. SpongeBob SquarePants 1.018 Henry Danger 0.924 Danger Force 0.748 The Dude...
  4. RandomMe

    April Fool's Day 2020 All Threads

    And how do we know that? He is a merman! Like Michael Phelps!
  5. superkeegan9100

    April Fools 2020 Megathread

    Following the recent news of CBS simulcasting its NFL telecasts with Nickelodeon (no joke), CBS Sports has teamed up with Nickelodeon to revive Nicktoons' "NickSports" block. Unlike its predecessors, this incarnation of the block will showcase all the sports CBS Sports Network currently has the...
  6. Ghostbuster

    Ollie's Pack to Premiere in April 2020

    Nickelodeon will premiere a new animated series titled Ollie's Pack in April 2020. Here's the trailer:
  7. I Am Nickelodeon 1

    March 2020 Nick Premieres

    March 2020 Nick Premieres. As We head into the 3rd month of 2020... we see the KCA's, Series Finale of Henry Danger, More Premieres/Finales & Lots More!! Premieres and Finales... (Series Premiere) (Season Premiere) (Series Finale) (Season Finale) Last Months Premieres --> February 2020 March...
  8. T

    Why didn't that many kids from "All That" make it big?

    Either from the original, "golden age" run (1994-2000) or the first relaunch (2002-05). All That has always been heralded as Nickelodeon's Saturday Night Live, but hardly any of the cast members did anything of great significance in the entertainment industry beyond the show. In fairness, we all...
  9. Tacomaster

    Every Show to Air on SLAM!(as far as I know)

    I have searched and collected every known show on SLAM!, Nick's short-lived action block, and its international counterparts. They are: Multiple Countries: Invader Zim(USA, Latin America, UK, Australia) Men in Black: The Series(USA, Australia) Yu-Gi-Oh!(Latin America, UK, Australia) Martin...
  10. A

    Best and Worst of Nickelodeon: 2010's Edition

    Since the 2010's will come to an end this Tuesday, I decided to create one last best and worst of Nickelodeon thread for this decade. What were the best and worst stuff Nickelodeon did this decade?
  11. T

    Nickelodeon - The Rise and Fall?

    To cut to the chase, the "Company Man" video briefly suggests that Nick's ratings have gradually declined since 2010 due to cord-cutting and more specifically, the advent of YouTube and Netflix. The closure of Nickelodeon Studios on Orlando, Florida while not necessarily a direct inclination of...
  12. T

    Any channels similar to Nick Knacks?

    You know, YouTube channels similar to what Pop Arena has been doing that review all of a channel (or at least a block of programming)'s content? One channel that I've found is Toonamps History of Fox Kids.
  13. SuperSuck64

    Why is there a double standard with Nick and CN?

    Why is there such a double standard with how the internet treats Nickelodeon and how they treat Cartoon Network? I get it, Nick has made a lot of stupid decisions, and some of them they should be held accountable for it. But people hate Nick so much that they won't even give any new Nicktoons a...
  14. T

    Who owns Paw Patrol, Nickelodeon or TV Ontario?

    Who owns Paw Patrol, Nickelodeon or TV Ontario?
  15. T

    When and why did kids television lose its edge?

    If you ever watched You Can't Do that on Television and the early years of All That, they were actually pretty edgy for kids shows. Basically, these were show that even adults could find the satire enjoyable and funny. To give you an idea, YCDTOTV had a regular sketch about a kid about to...
  16. T

    Why is it so difficult for a fourth major kids network to actually become a thing?

    Is it a matter of distribution (Sprout/Universal Kids and The Hub/Discovery Family weren’t on that many providers) and programming (Modern Discovery Family and Fox Family didn’t have that many good shows)? Could it also be that Universal Kids was coming out in a time is practically at an all...
  17. Ghostbuster

    LEGO City Adventures News & Talkback (Spoilers)

    LEGO® City Adventures premiered today on Nickelodeon. A rollercoaster ride of fantastic fun, the series (10 episodes) depicts the funny, smart, and dynamic slices of life within the sprawling and diverse LEGO City community, following the absurd and action-packed adventures of its residents...
  18. Ghostbuster

    Nickelodeon Launches Intergalactic Shorts Program

    Nickelodeon today announced the launch of the Intergalactic Shorts Program, which aims to nurture new talent, with a focus on comedy content for six to 11s that could turn into long-form programming. The venture is being lead by Ramsey Naito, Nickelodeon’s EVP of Animation Production and...
  19. T

    What are your thoughts on the first revival of "All That" (2002-2005)?

    As I think, everybody knows, Nickelodeon along with Kenan Thompson is bringing All That back for a new generation. But before that, there was another revival. About a year and half after the "golden age" ended its run after six seasons (and with Josh Server as the sole remaining original cast...
  20. T

    The Loud House vs Kick Buttowski

    One person worked on both of these: The Loud House (he created the show) Kick Buttowski (he worked as the executive producer and director) Personally for me: I really prefer LH over KB, due to major plot twists and developments to the relationships with the Loud Siblings and their friends in...