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That random thought of some Golden Age animators like Chuck Jones lived long enough to make it to the late 90's to early 2000's
Then you start to realize they co-existed with modern things like Rap and Metal music, the rise of CGI, Video Games, and most importantly the 90's resurgence in animation.
I wonder whether Nick would even ever air Nick Shorts Showcase ft Loud House - Right Where We Belong and Flippee Jingle?? Im hoping November once the new series Really Loud House airs.

I also wonder whether if nick@nite would even air remaining episodes of iCarly (2021)..? Fairly Odder is slowly going to air on Nick, as well as Nicktoons and TeenNick on Oct 10
I just entered The Rave X (my idol duo oc) arc.
Hey guys, just wanna remind you, that from now om, I'll only make Disney Premiere threads, and some occasional posts on this forum. That doesent mean that i'm leaving this forum completely.
Hey everybody! I'm back. Miss you all. :)

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