Marvel and Hasbro "Bend & Flex" Animated Shorts Coming to Marvel HQ

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Mar 8, 2009
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The next short will feature Black Panther and Captain America.
Also coming to Marvel HQ in April is the fourth installment of Bend & Flex, a collaborative Marvel and Hasbro animated short series featuring bendable, flexible Marvel-inspired action figures! In this latest episode, Black Panther and Captain America try to one-up each other while working out in the park. However, their exercise routine is rudely uprooted by the Mad Titan himself -- Thanos!
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Matt Zimmer
Marvel Bend & Flex "Bending The Rules"

That was super cool. But the disclaimer at the beginning is starting to grate. I realize they need to be extra careful because this is essentially a toy commercial, but do they really believe little kids can't recognize a cartoon when they see it? Eh. ****1/2.


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May 28, 2010
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Here's another short.
I guess it's because he's one of the main figure, but they sure do use Venom a lot. Then again, maybe they also wanted to promote Venom :p.
Marvel Bend & Flex "Another Brick In The Fall"

Hulk doesn't work so well in these shorts because he can't change his expression. ***.
Perpetually angry Hulk :eek:.


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