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  • I do not know why I went all this time without a pfp. That being said, I also am unsure if the one I have right now (which I put on a couple days ago) is good enough to go by or a better hoopoe picture would do. I think it's the olive green background that seems to mesh into everything...
    I want to get back into the swing of things on the forum, but it may take a bit of motivation...and some adjustment to the overhaul of this entire website...may as well try. It has been too long since I posted anything.
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It's been one year since NickRewind block ceased the operations.
it's that day of the year!
Anyone else getting reboot fatigue at this point? From continuity reboots to unnecessary revivals and even outright renewals of shows that ended perfectly, it seems like every show is coming back at this point whether we like it or not. It's starting to worry me about future creativity and originality and make me wonder whatever started this trend.
Well, changing my pfp from my usual Puyo Fever 7 picture-escue my main OC pfp (for the first time) to one another.
and yes, i'll be using that until Feb 15 (the day after Himespetchi's birthday).

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