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  • One thing I like about Dan Vs is that the second-to-last episode acts as this high-concept epic similar to finales and then the ACTUAL finale is just Dan Chris and Elise sitting around the kitchen table having a good time while Dan tells a story.
    Curious tidbit I noticed: Cher is the only celebrity to appear in both The New Scooby-Doo Movies (alongside Sonny) and Scooby-Doo and Guess Who?, marking a difference of 49 years between each appearance.
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    There's also Sandy Duncan. I remember being surprised about it since I didn't even realize she was still alive. Her episode also turned out to be one of the best of the show, at least I thought so. Then there's also Batman I suppose but he's a fictional character and there have been a number of other cross-overs with Scooby over the years.
    There's this artsy animated short you should totally watch called "Iizuna Fair". It's available online for free viewing until 15 December via Vimeo and YouTube. It probably is for the more patient crowd but it'll hold your attention and is immensely rewarding.
    I do not know why I went all this time without a pfp. That being said, I also am unsure if the one I have right now (which I put on a couple days ago) is good enough to go by or a better hoopoe picture would do. I think it's the olive green background that seems to mesh into everything...
    I want to get back into the swing of things on the forum, but it may take a bit of motivation...and some adjustment to the overhaul of this entire website...may as well try. It has been too long since I posted anything.
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I love seeing a story come full circle. Russell Dauterman getting to recreate his own artwork from 11 years earlier as an official X-Men 97 variant cover.

Well, just created a new actual blog on Dreamwidth to go along with my Tumblr. Link will be in my signature!

Man, Twitter kids and their dumbest takes....
been thinking about those moves and additions adult swim made recently (getting superman, unicorn, checkered past, an aqua teen revival, and 5-8 pm). The character limit will choke me but I have a whole theory that this was all a way to better compete with FXX when their existing major shows had either switched sides or were in jeopardy

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