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Disney Channel 2005 New Programming Info

<a href="http://news.toonzone.net/images/2005-03/Disney%20Upfront/Katbot.jpg" target="_blank"><img border="o" src="http://news.toonzone.net/images/2005-03/Disney%20Upfront/t-Katbot.jpg" alt="Image" align="right" hspace="5" vspace="3" width="210" height="105"></a>The kid-driven, family inclusive ratings leader Disney Channel will premiere six original series for preschoolers age 2-5, plus, for kids age 6-11 and tweens age 9-14, six original series and six original movies over the next season. The announcement was made today by Gary Marsh, Executive Vice President, Original Programming and Production, Disney ABC Cable Networks Group, during ABC Kids Networks presentations to advertisers.

In making the announcement, Marsh said, "Disney Channel consistently provides preschoolers, kids, tweens and their families with Disney branded, quality storytelling and just as we know our viewers relate to our series and eagerly await our movie premieres, we know they have an exceptional emotional connection to our programming and we look forward to continuing our strong track record by introducing several new properties over the next season."

Disney Channel has also grown a remarkable 63% with Kids 2-11 delivery over five seasons (1999/2000 to 2004/05) and currently delivers, 833,000 Kids 2-11, on average. Its 24-hour schedule, which incorporates select partnerships with marketers, is broken into discrete programming blocks targeted towards different age groups: Playhouse Disney, a daily learning based programming block for Kids 2-5 and their parent/caregivers, and the kid driven, family inclusive programming for Kids 6-14. Disney Channel has a particular strength in co-viewing, 15% of kids age 2-11 in total day and 18% in primetime report watching Disney Channel with their mother or female caregiver, Women 25-54.

For 2004, Disney Channel primetime was #1 in Kids 6-11 for the second consecutive year and #1 with Tweens 9-14 for the third consecutive year. Disney Channel primetime was #3 in Households and Total Viewers while its total day was #2 with Kids 6-11, #2 with Tweens 9-14, #3 in Households (tied) and #3 in Total Viewers (tied). In addition, the immensely successful Disney Channel Original Movie franchise produced basic cable's #1 movie in Kids 6-11 and Tweens for 2002, 2003 and 2004. Playhouse Disney is averaging some of its highest ratings ever.

Among the properties announced during the presentations were the Playhouse Disney series Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and Little Einsteins. Also highlighted were the animated comedies The Buzz on Maggie, Katbot and Emperor's New School, geared towards Kids 6-11 and Tweens 9-14. Also announced was Disney Channel's acquisition of Naturally Sadie, a live-action comedy series. Among the movies titles highlighted were the first animated Disney Channel Original Movie, Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama and The Proud Family Movie.

Disney's The Buzz on Maggie takes viewers into the daily life of flies, seen from the point of view of Maggie, a spunky and unique girl fly in a conventional fly metropolis called Stickyfeet. Looking for a way to make her mark, she embodies self-expression and individuality with her inspired antics. The series is produced by Walt Disney Television Animation.

Disney's Katbot is a comedy series that focuses on a fun-loving cat robot from the planet Katatonia. Disguising herself as Katerina Botenski, a foreign exchange student, Katbot comes to Earth to study tween culture. Through her friendships with an eclectic group of earthlings, Katbot experiences life on Earth with a unique and comic perspective. The series is a production of Walt Disney Television Animation in association with Funny Garbage.

Disney's Emperor's New School, based on the Walt Disney Pictures' successful theatrical release The Emperor's New Groove, is an animated comedy about a would-be emperor, Kuzco, who must graduate school before he can claim the throne and becomes the official emperor… all while thwarting attempts by the infamous Yzma and Kronk to stop him. Disney's The Emperor's New School is a production of Walt Disney Television Animation.

The adventure/comedy Disney's Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama, based on the Emmy Award-nominated series Kim Possible, finds Kim and Ron Stoppable questioning their feelings toward each other when Erik, a new guy at Middleton High School, arrives, wanting Kim to become his girlfriend. The voice cast is: Christy Carlson Romano (Even Stevens) as Kim Possible; Will Friedle (Boy Meets World) as Ron Stoppable; Ricky Ullman (Phil of the Future) as Erik; Tahj Mowry (Smart Guy) as Wade, and Kirsten Storms (Zenon) as Bonnie Rockwaller. A production of Walt Disney Television Animation in association with Disney Channel, Disney's Kim Possible Movie: So the Drama premieres in April 2005.

In The Proud Family Movie, during an all expenses paid vacation to Legoom Island, Penny and her family are held captive by Dr. Carver, a mad scientist, who tries to get his hands on Oscar Proud's formula for Kicking Donkey Sauce. When Oscar refuses to reveal his secret, Dr. Carver unleashes evil peanut-like creatures called G-Nomes that morph into clones of the entire Proud family, to wreak havoc back home. The voice cast is: Kyla Pratt (One on One) as Penny Proud; Tommy Davidson (In Living Color) as Oscar Proud; Jo Marie Payton (Family Matters) as Suga Mama; Paula Jai Parker (Friday) as Trudy Proud, and Arsenio Hall (Coming to America) as Dr. Carver. The film is a production of Jambalaya Studio in association with Disney Channel and premieres in August 2005.

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