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Dragon Ball Super Super Hero, And Other Anime’s, Delay At Toei Explained

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero

Dragon Ball Super Super Hero was actually supposed to be out by now in Japan, and coming to the West later this Summer. But then, as you all likely know, Toei Animation suffered a massive hack, and when that happened, it set a lot of things backward, mainly the release dates and productions of many of their animated projects.

Now though, Toei has revealed how this happened, and it was a bit more innocuous than you likely were expecting:

“A Company employee downloaded a software required for business from an external website, which had been tampered with so as to simultaneously download a software program that would serve as the entry point for ransomware infiltration,” Toei Animation shared. “Subsequently, on March 6, the Company confirmed the unauthorized access to its network by a third party.”

Now, as for how that hack led to the massive delays…

“Following the unauthorized access by a third party, portions of the data in the Company’s server and PCs were encrypted after being infected by the ransomware, which resulted in delays in parts of the regular operations and anime production for about a month,” it shared.

Thankfully, things turned around as they noted, and currently, Dragon Ball Super Super Hero is slated for a June 11 release date in Japan, with a western release date TBA, but likely happening in the fall.

The company also noted that they will do their best to ensure that something like this won’t ever happen again. Or at the very least, not happen in this way.

It honestly feels rather ironic that such a major hack happened in such a simple way, but the truth of the matter is that in this world of technology that we live in, such hacks are able to be done with just the simple click of a button.