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Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness Cameos Will “Help” The Story Says Director

Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness

This Friday, Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness arrives in theaters. And the thing on the mind of most fans are the cameos that will happen in the film. So far, we know via trailers and teasers that Professor X (with yellow wheelchair), a version of Captain Marvel, Peggy Carter (as Captain Britain), and more are coming, and there are no doubt surprises along the way.

But as you might expect, some are fearing that the number of cameos will pull the story “out of itself” and thus not create a “natural flow” to things. But in an interview, director Sam Raimi went and countered that in his own way:

“I think if that situation appears, sometimes the best answer is to just let the character who’s experiencing this new character react truthfully,” the director said in an interview with Rolling Stone. “Now, if there was a famous character from another universe that appeared in Multiverse of Madness, I’m not sure that our Doctor Strange would even know who he was; he might blow him off and not make it any big deal at all.”

Fair enough, not unlike what we saw in Spider-Man No Way Home where the audience knew all the previous villains, but Tom Holland’s Peter Parker didn’t:

“I think a truthful response can sometimes be the funniest or the most engaging for an audience,” Raimi continued. “You put them in a position like, ‘Man, you don’t know who that guy is? Oh, my God!’ It’s like if some schmo was meeting James Bond onscreen for the first time, and said, ‘Buddy, you’ll have the martini the way I serve it. Get me?’ ‘Don’t you know that’s James Bond?!’ That’s a different kind of fun for the audience to have.”

If it works out? Then the movie will be even better than expected more than likely.