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“Visions of Mana” Release Date Trailer Revealed


Square Enix was surprisingly absent from Summer Game Fest this year. Fans of the acclaimed studio were hoping to see more of “Kingdom Hearts 4” (which was officially announced as being in production back in 2022), but Square wasn’t a presence at either Xbox’s showcase or Playstation’s “State of Play”. While Square Enix might be a part of the Nintendo Direct coming soon, we did just see the release of one new trailer from Square Enix:

“Visions of Mana”, the upcoming new game in the fabled “Mana” series, is now revealed as coming out this August 29th. First revealed at The Game Awards last December, the game was last seen at the Xbox Developer Direct back in January. Now we have the final trailer, revealing the release date:


Coinciding with the new trailer, Square Enix released a new blog post on their website with details on the game’s plot:

“Every four years, people around the world are selected by the Faerie to travel to the Tree of Mana and rejuvenate the flow of mana power by offering their souls. These chosen people are named ‘alms’ and accompanied on their pilgrimage by a soul guard.

In the Fire Village, Tianeea, the residents are excitedly preparing for the coming of the Faerie and the naming of their new alm. Val, a new soul guard, brings his childhood friend, Hinna, to the festival. As the sun falls beneath the horizon, the Faerie descends and names Hinna as the Alm of Fire.

So, Val and Hinna set out towards the Mana Tree, and the journey of a lifetime begins…”

Combat screenshot from the upcoming “Visions of Mana”

A classic among RPGs, the “Mana” series (titled “Seiken Densetsu” in Japan) dates back to the Super Nintendo era, with the first game in the series being “Final Fantasy Adventure” in 1993 (followed quickly by “Secret of Mana” in 1994, with the name change designed to clearly separate it from the Final Fantasy franchise). “Visions of Mana” marks the first game in the main series of games since 2007’s “Dawn of Mana”, though there have been multiple remakes of the older games since then. While the series has never been in Square Enix’s Top 3 franchises (those being “Final Fantasy”, “Dragon Quest” and “Kingdom Hearts”) the series is still beloved by fans of traditional JRPGs.

Look for “Visions of Mana” on Playstation 4 and 5, Xbox Series X and S, and on PC, all to be released on August 29th.

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