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Masters Of The Universe Revelation Getting Second Season?

Masters of the Universe Revelation Part 2

Masters Of The Universe Revelation was the creation of super-fan Kevin Smith. He wanted to continue the story of the original He-Man series from the 80s, give it a truly modern look (see: anime style) and not be afraid to twist up some of the story elements to surprise fans. And for better or for worse, that’s what he did. Which led many to wonder if the show would even attempt to get a second season. Turns out…the answer may be yes.

Ironically though, this doesn’t come from Netflix, or even Kevin Smith, but rather, it comes from none other than Mark Hamill. If you recall, Hamill was the voice of Skeletor in the series, and was very much a good fit for the role. On Twitter, he hinted heavily that he just got done yesterday doing a massive voice-over session for Skeletor, and that today he would rest his voice as a result:

This is indeed a curious way to announce something for Masters Of The Universe Revelation, but if you think about it, what other explanation is there for an all-day session of him doing Skeletor? A few one-off lines for a parody? Sure. But an all-day session? That seems to indicate a season two of Revelation.

The other thing that’s interesting about this is that at the end of Revelation Season 1, Skeletor himself wasn’t in the best position. He had lost the power of Greyskull to He-Man and sought to punish his former followers. When he did, he was overcome by technology that they had been worshipping, and it was revealed that the technology came from none other than Hordac. The villain of She-Ra, He-Man’s sister.

So it would be curious to see just how much of a role, and in what form, Skeletor is in should Season 2 truly come.