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Shazam 2 Announced At CCXP


UPDATE: As noted by ComicBook.com, Shazam 2 has not been confirmed by DC Comics via CCXP. Apparently, during the presentation that showed off Wonder Woman 1984, there were clips of Shazam’s film, and that led to people thinking a sequel was officially confirmed.

DC Comics has had a very interesting 2019 in terms of its properties, and one of the most important releases of the year was Shazam, a film long in the making, but one that delivered the right amount of light-heartedness and comedy to make it a hit. The film didn’t do as well as many other superhero films, but it was one of the highest-rated DC Comics films of the recent bunch. So at CCXP, it was announced that Shazam 2 was indeed coming.

The curious thing about this is two-fold, one, the film will likely be filming soon because the majority of the cast are kids, and if they wait too long it wouldn’t be believable to have them play teenagers. And two, the Black Adam movie starring The Rock is coming in 2021. These two characters are destined to clash, but, the Shazam 2 film will see the Marvel Family (as they are called in the comics) go up against the returning Dr. Sivana and the creature known as Mister Mind. Meaning that the clash with Adam would be in either Shazam 3, or a Shazam vs. Black Adam film all its own.

No release date for Shazam 2 has been made at this time.