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We Got One! Ghostbusters Afterlife Trailer Is Here

ghostbusters afterlife

The phones have been silent at the firehouse for thirty years. No one’s been slimed, no one’s had to pretend they were a god, and no one’s been stepped on by a giant marshmallow mascot. But times may be changing.

After a failed false start in 2016, Sony Pictures is hoping the second time’s the charm with Ghostbusters Afterlife. Its existence has been hinted at for the last six months, but here now is definitive proof…the first trailer.

If someone didn’t watch the entire thing they might assume they were looking at a trailer for the fourth Stranger Things season. You got a small rural town, some strange goings-on, some weird glowing lights and some curious kids looking to investigate, and there’s LITERALLY Finn Wolfhard standing there…

This introductory trailer introduces a few new mysteries, some with more obvious answers than others. The spectacled girl here, who is really into science, says her grandfather recently died. The family is in town to take a look at his old house….where they find ghostbusting equipment, stylish jackets, and even a tricked-out hearse in the barn. WHO could her grandfather have been?? It’s a mystery to us.

In addition to Wolfhard, Ghostbusters Afterlife stars Carrie Coon as the mother and McKenna Grace as Egon Jr (not her actual name), plus special appearances by the living original gang (Bill Murray, Dan Aykroyd and Ernie Hudson). The premise would allow them to CG the ghost of Ramis into it, but….that would just be wrong.

Ghostbusters Afterlife comes out next summer.