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The Bloody War of Omni-Man vs Homelander Has Arrived In Death Battle

Omni-Man vs Homelander

As many Death Battle fans know, the show downright loves to do unique kinds of violence in their fights. In fact, the team behind it have stated that they love to do “unique kills” to end the fight every single time, and aren’t afraid to get bloody or visceral to enact that. This brings us to the newest fight that debuted, Omni-Man vs Homelander, a fight that has been asked for by many in recent times, and they knew that if they did fight, it would be bloody and violent, and they were right.

There were multiple reasons for wanting this fight, not the least of which is that both Omni-Man and Homelander are superstars on the TV shows that you can watch on Amazon Prime Video. Invincible and The Boys. Both of which are successful adaptations of comics if you somehow didn’t know.

Furthermore, both of these characters were made to be “Superman-like” characters…but with a very dark twist in that they’re actually quite monstrous. Omni-Man has been known to wipe out planets for the Viltrumite empire, and Homelander…well…he’s just a monster. So seeing this “anti-Superman” types clash was very much something people desired.

And as you’ll see below, not only does this handdrawn animation deliver that…the ending is…very, very bloody, and violent. You’ve been warned.

As for next time on Death Battle, we have a very unique faceoff via Magneto vs. Tetsuo. The former is of course the “Master of Magnetism” from the X-Men franchise, and the other is the antagonist in the beloved anime movie Akira.

Both of them believe in true evolution of their species, and have very focused views on making that happen…for better or for worse…and without caring of the consequences.

So, who will win in this battle of very driven characters? We’ll find out in two weeks.