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SDCC2015: Nickelodeon’s Voice Over Experience and Nito Get Animated App [Updated: 7/14/2015]


Nickelodeon created a couple of interactive booth experiences for the San Diego Comic-Con 2015 (SDCC2015). The Voice Over Experience allows fans to enter a small recording studio and voice dialogue to clips from some of their favorite animated Nickelodeon shows. Nickelodeon previously included this interactive experience at last year’s San Diego Comic-Con and last year’s New York Comic Con, and brought it back to San Diego for 2015.

After strapping on some over-the-ear headphones dialogue appears on screen and color fills the on-screen text from left to right as it would on karaoke. This helps give you an idea of how you should be pacing your delivery. The fan’s recorded audio is synced up to the show clip. The final video footage of their voice over experience is then emailed to each fan. The video features the fan’s voice recording over a full screen version of the clip and then the same clip side-by-side with a video recording of the fan’s performance.

During Preview Night, Nickelodeon fans were able to record side-by-side with Rob Paulsen, the voice of Donatello in the current Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles series and Maulik Pancholy, the voice of Sanjay in Sanjay and Craig. Who was in line to participate in the voice over experience? This lady. As a fan of both voice actors and their careers, there was plenty to geek out about. Both Rob Paulsen and Maulik Pancholy were incredibly kind, friendly, and a delight to speak to.

While playing at being a voice actor for a little bit would have been immensely fun on its own, the whole experience was ten (thousand) times as fun with them there. The video clip of my turn in the Nickelodeon booth is right below. It took me a couple of lines to get a handle on where I needed to be, but I think it pulled together at the end. Please feel free to view the video while I go hide my head and pretend no one’s watching it.

The second interactive experience available was the Nito Get Animated App. Using facial recognition technology, your movements and expressions are mimicked by fan favorite Nick characters including SpongeBob, Korra, Harvey Beaks and others. Fans are able to take part in a real-time animated experience. After the experience, they’ll receive a link to the video of their experience via email which they may share with friends and family. Here’s some video of it in action:

Nickelodeon has found some really cool ways to create a cool experience at their booth for the fans. If you’re at Comic-Con, visit them at booth #4113. Be sure to head on over to the official Nickelodeon website for info on all their shows. Keep your your eye out on this article as it will be updated and make sure to keep an eye out on our twitter and facebook for all San Diego Comic-Con 2015 updates. (SDCC2015).

Update 7/14/2015: Enjoy all of the pics we took of the Nickelodeon Booth!