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SDCC2015: Gravity Falls 3DS Game Coming From Ubisoft

Gravity Falls

One of the greatest mysteries of Gravity Falls is that no one knows how many episodes the series is going to have. Will it end this summer? This fall? Is there another season in our future? The only people who can truly say are NDA’d into silence. And getting answers directly from Disney is like pulling teeth.

Even if there aren’t many episodes left, we will still have this to look forward to: Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets for 3DS. Y’see, it counts as an extra episode from the show because Ubisoft is taking the same approach to it that they’ve been taking with their South Park games: The goal is to get as close to a playable episode of the series as possible.

Alex Hirsch himself will be involved in the game’s creation every step of the way. The UbiArt engine will be used to create the graphics — that’s the same engine that powered Rayman: Legends, Child of Light, and Valiant Hearts: The Great War. Gameplay will be in sidescrolling form with Metroidvania elements. Count on seeing many characters from the series’ two-season, three-year history make cameos.

Ubisoft says, “The game delivers Gravity Falls‘ trademark quirky humor in an authentic and interactive way, letting fans play as Dipper and Mabel as they set out to solve mysteries and restore order to Gnome Kingdom. Along their journey, players will encounter many more characters from the show and will explore locations including the town of Gravity Falls, the Mystery Shack, and more. Hirsch also designed the game’s original key art.”

Gravity Falls: Legend of the Gnome Gemulets will arrive this fall.


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