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SDCC 2018: A New Bounty Of Venture Bros Clips

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Go Team Venture! It won’t be long until The Venture Bros premieres another one of its rare, once-in-a-blue-moon seasons (this one its seventh). Thanks to SDCC Warner Bros had the motivation today to release a new batch of clips, some of which reveal new plot details.

Things start off pretty much where they abruptly ended, with The Monarch moonlighting as a vigilante without the knowledge of his wife. We can’t say if she finally finds out, but she looks angry here. Hank is in a relationship with the daughter of a major crime boss, and Rusty’s….just being Rusty, which is enough trouble in itself.

But what’s this…..signs of a truce between good and evil? Has the impossible come to pass? We don’t have much to go on, and we want more.

Thankfully more is coming, in a little over two weeks. The Venture Bros Season 7 premieres August 5 on Adult Swim.