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Sasuke Voice Actor Talks About Character’s Relationship With Sakura

Naruto Shippuden

In many stories, relationships are key. But, in anime, this can get taken to a whole new level. Mainly because they can be either a key plotpoint throughout various seasons, or, they can come out of nowhere when the right person comes along. For Sasuke Uchiha, it seemed like he was destined to be alone, and yet, he got married to Sakura and had a kid with her.

At Anime Japan, the voice actors for Naruto and Sasuke were present and both talked about his relationship with Sakura. One noted that we never see him propose to Sakura in the show or in Boruto:

“To be honest, I wanted something to be created that would show us how he proposed to her you know? One thing I’m sure of is that poke in the forehead (was involved). Like, “Don’t you want to marry me?” and gives that poke in her forehead. Isn’t that it? I can’t imagine anything else.”

The other talked about the characters time with Sakura in Team 7 and beyond:

“Well, in Sasuke’s mind, I think he saw her like “following the crowd,” who kept yelling straight without really knowing him, just because everyone was yelling around him too. But from there, little by little, the inner Sakura stopped appearing, meaning that more and more she spoke about what she was thinking and, being herself. Sasuke, on the other hand, was the type of character who didn’t want people close to him, he had his own vulnerable moments, he acted like “don’t waste your time caring about me…”. So I guess that version of Sasuke, which you can see clearly in the end if a very good person and devoted to his family, so he’s the kind of guy who’s always taking care of others.”

A very interesting insight, wouldn’t you say? Maybe we will get that “special moment” revealed later on in Boruto.