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New Pokemon Journeys Teaser Highlights More Of What’s To Come

Pokemon Journeys, Netflix

Pokemon Journeys has been priding itself on many things, but not the least of which is that of the past of Pokemon coming back in regards to Ash’s journeys throughout the various Pokemon regions and connecting with him once again in the present. There have already been some big returns, and more are on the way. And for proof of that, you need to look no further than a brand new teaser that was released to showcase the upcoming Japanese episodes of Journeys.

The new teaser, which you can see below, features all sorts of teases of what’s to come, including some returns of both human and Pokemon nature. The biggest one that people are going to talk about is the return of Ash’s Greninja, who hasn’t been around since the days of Pokemon XYZ. We see him tag teaming with Lucario to stop some corrupted vines (which is why Greninja left Ash at the end of the series). It’s also been alluded to that Greninja is going to help Ash and Lucario resonate more so that they can unlock a new power.

We also see the return of one of Ash’s most fierce rivals in Paul. Who hasn’t been seen for a very long time, and it’ll be curious as to why he would return.

Other teases we see are Chloe and Eevee doing well at a Pokemon Content, Ash and Goh doing more exploring across the Pokemon region, another trip to Alola, the use of Ash’s Z-Move with Pikachu and more.

So no matter what, it seems that Pokemon Journeys is going to have a lot going on in Japan (and eventually in the US) over the next several weeks. How it all pans out will need to be seen in person, but it is a lot to be hopeful for.