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My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission Has Arrived In The US

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It’s a very interesting time to be a fan of My Hero Academia. In the manga currently, the “Final Arc” is going on, and in terms of the anime, it just ended Season 5 and fans are debating not only its quality, but how much is going to be shown in Season 6 that has already been confirmed. But while the anime’s return in terms of the TV series won’t be around for a while, that’s not to say there isn’t any new visual content left. Because today, My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission has arrived in theaters in the US.

This is the third movie in the series, and it was actually talked about a little bit in the anime via an original episode not tied to the manga. My Hero Academia World Heroes Mission focuses on the time in the Endeavor arc where Deku, Bakugo and Todoroki are recruited alongside Endeavor to go and stop a cult from changing the world for the worst.

They’re called Humarize, and they believe that Quirks are a danger to the world, as well as the true evolution of mankind. So thus, they enact a plan to wipe out Quirks from everyone in existence. Obviously, the heroes of the world aren’t going to go and allow that.

The twist here is that something happens to Deku to where he’s accused of murder and a new character has a secret tie to everything going on and thus has to work with Deku to help stop Humarize.

The first two movies were big hits, and World Heroes Mission has already outgrossed what those two did over in Japan. Granted, the movies aren’t referenced in the main anime despite having ties to the lore, so it’ll be curious how this plays out in the seasons to come, if it plays out at all.