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Last Labyrinth VR Set For Release Next Week


Amata K.K. has amassed a formidable array of talent for the release of “Last Labyrinth” on PlayStation VR on November 13, 2019.


Director Hiromichi Takahashi [“Doko Demo Issho”] leads a team that includes designer Tetsuya Watanabe [“The Last Guardian”], composer Hiroki Kikuta [“Secret of Mana”], lead character animator Atsuko Fukuyama [“Shadow of the Colossus”], Michiko Kusaba [“Gran Turismo 4”] Takuya Hanaoka [“Super Robot Wars”] and the main theme vocalist Stefanie Joosten [“Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain”] for an elaborate escape room setting VR game.


In the game, you find yourself trapped in an old-timey wheelchair in an old-timey mansion. Your head is encased in a covering and your hands and feet are shackled to the wheelchair, but, in your right hand is a button that activates a laser pointer strapped around your head. You must use the laser pointer to direct a mysterious girl – Katia – to help you escape the room. Katia will help you negotiate the challenges of the mansion and possibly in your encounters with the Phantom.