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XBox Meets X-Men In Animated Tribute You Can’t Buy

x-men 97 xbox

Someone high up at XBox is a fan of X-Men 97. The Disney+ revival of the 90s animated series (which has been excellent so far) is getting a tie-in from an unlikely place: Microsoft.

Behold the Marvel Animation’s X-Men ‘97 Custom Comic Xbox Series X. It’s a variant of the current XBox console wrapped in comic panels, and not recycled ones either: Marvel writer Rich Douek and artist Paco Diaz created two pages of story and art featuring the X-Men 97 cast fighting the Sentinels and Master Mold, just to decorate this machine.

If that wasn’t cool on its own, the console comes with ELEVEN separate controllers, each created in honor of a member of the team and decorated in their colors: Wolverine, Storm, Rogue, Morph, Magneto, Jubilee, Gambit, Jean Grey, Cyclops, Beast and Bishop are all represented. It all sounds great, so where can you get it? ….Nowhere.

Here’s the annoying part: this isn’t a product intended for sale. It was created for a contest, and the only way to obtain it is to be lucky enough to win said contest. Judging by the reaction, there’s probably a market for the X-Men 97 XBox, but it won’t be served.

Entering the contest is pretty simple: you just have to follow the official XBox Twitter account, then retweet the following post:

As the tweet states, you have until May 20 to enter, and after you do that, you can only dream. It isn’t clear how many of these will be made.

X-Men 97 is midway through its first season, with new episodes being released Wednesdays. The latest debuted at midnight last night and revealed the Big Bad behind the tragedy at Genosha, which we’re not spoiling here as the episode is pretty fresh and a lot of you probably haven’t checked it out yet. We will say that the reveal leads into a three-part finale that begins next week. Every released episode can be viewed at any time on Disney+.

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