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Dec 5, 2019 at 2:24 PM
Posted by NeoplanDan
Merry Christmas from the Greens! (But seriously how do they know all the lyrics to the same song?!) Check out the Big City Greens holiday music episode "A Green Christmas" this December 7th at 9:30A ET/PT on Disney Channel!

Song lyrics:
Oh the best part of Christmas is the presents that I get,
Like an action figure robot or a sweet toy jet.
You can talk about your carols and your Christmas tree.
But the best parts of Christmas are all the gifts for me!

Or maybe the best part of Christmas is when people do good,
And they all spread kindness for the sake of bro-ther-hood!
You can talk about your reindeer and your shelf-bound elf,
But holidays are best when folks don’t think just of themselves!

The best part of Christmas is my loving fam-i-ly!
When we all gather ‘round and trim the living room tree,
And the dining table tree,
And the bedroom tree,
And the basement tree,
And the secret tree,
And the bathroom tree tooooooooo!

Seriously dad?

And this year we’re all together, ‘cause your mom is back!

Woo hoo!

Hey kids! What’cha’ll doin?

We’re just singin’ ‘bout Christmas

Would you like to add a line?

How are you doing this? Did you plan this in advance?

You could sing about your eggnog or the

Smell of winter pine!

Well I didn’t prepare lyrics, so let’s just dance!

Wait, where’s grandma?

The worst part of Christmas are those three stupid ghosts,
Who come clanging in the night to bang on your bedposts,
They tell you you’re a scrooge and a grumpy mean old hag,
Scram, ya dumb ol’ spirits I don’t need to hear ya nag!
I mean, uh
Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas!

From the Greens!

Watch Big City Greens on Disney Channel and in DisneyNOW!

The Green family is back for more fun in the Big City! Cricket, Tilly, Bill and Gramma continue to go on epic journeys through the city and into the hearts of their neighbors. Cricket earns a role in Big Coffee’s new TV commercial, Bill trades his pickup in for a cutting-edge electric car and Gramma convinces the neighbors she's a witch. There's no such thing as an ordinary day in Big City when you're with the Greens!

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