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Devil May Cry Anime Gets New Details From Producer

Devil May Cry 5

Anime has been a gateway for many shows to go and showcase grand storytelling and action scenes without needing to adhere to certain restrictions placed upon certain animated shows. And in recent times, video games have gone to the realm of anime to try and showcase what makes them so great without the need to actually play their titles. You might know what we’re talking about via the Castlevania Anime that ended earlier this year. But now, the team behind that show are making a Devil May Cry anime, and it seems to be in a similar vein to what they did before.

 Producer Adi Shankar recently spoke with IGN about the Devil May Cry anime, and he revealed many elements about the show itself. Including that the first season would be eight episodes, as well as the fact that the show will indeed feature Dante as the main character. Which makes sense as he is the big star from the series. However, there will be many familiar side characters showing up including his brother Vergil, and his female friend Lady from DMC 3.

He also made it clear that they’re going to try and tell this story over the course of many seasons, not unlike they did with Castlevania. Meaning they’ll have plenty of time to let the story breathe and grow and not try to confine it to one season.

Production of the series hasn’t happened yet, however, the scripts have all been written. He went on to note that the team worked with Capcom on the project and said:

“The entire team both from the management side and the creative side have been so incredibly supportive and gracious,”

So when this anime is ready, we might be in for yet another special treat of a series. Only time will tell though.