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League of Legends Arcane Creators Talk Possible Future


Now more than ever, various companies are trying to go and expand their IP into new directions, new realms of entertainment, and trying to capitalize on the people’s desire for more. Look at Nintendo and how they’re releasing a full-length Mario animated movie next year. Or how various animes are getting not just animated move treatments in theaters, but also live-action adaptations like with the upcoming Cowboy Bebop. And for League of Legends, they started their own special journey with Arcane.

Arcane is a very special Netflix series, the first part of which is available for you to watch right now. Unlike certain other series though, it’s meant to be more of an “event series” that helps show off certain parts of League of Legends, in this case its champions, in ways that there wasn’t a way to do before.

Speaking to ComicBook.com prior to the release of Arcane, co-creators and executive producers Christian Linke and Alex Yee talked about what might be next once Arcane is fully out:

“I think the company has always wanted to allow players to get to spend time with their champions, not in the throws of combat, and get to understand who they are when they’re off the battlefield,” Yee explained. “And so many people over time have really poured a lot of love and energy into making the world and the characters feel robust and three-dimensional. So I think there is certainly the appetite to explore more of those stories. Like you said, of course, we’re primarily focused on Arcane and learning what we can from that right now, but I think everyone would be really happy to be able to share more stories in many different types of media for other champions in other regions.”

Surely that would be something many LOL fans would enjoy.