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Deadpool And Wolverine: Let The Party Begin

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There were a lot of trailers that aired during the Super Bowl last night, although “aired” is only a half-truth — the majority of them were trimmed-down versions that encouraged you to go online to see the full things. At 7 million dollars every 30 seconds, they figured it’d be wiser to pinch their pennies. I mean what are they, Temu?

In the case of Deadpool 3, though, there was a good darn reason why you couldn’t see the full thing on network TV, and it has to do with words stronger than “darn.” Deadpool is a notoriously R-rated dude who loves making vulgar wisecracks unfit for family-oriented sports events. You couldn’t do the trailer justice unless it was presented somewhere with looser standards — like the Internet.

Wade Wilson is celebrating his birthday with his surviving friends when he’s suddenly taken in by the Time Variance Authority from Loki, likely for his screwing around during the mid-credits sequence of the previous feature. Except it doesn’t appear to be about that — Deadpool is, somehow, the only one who can save the MCU. This could also be true in real life, as this series never misses a chance to break the fourth wall. But it requires him to team up with….a certain Canadian with indestructible claw implants. When those claws come out in shadow, a new title is revealed: Deadpool And Wolverine!

Ryan Reynolds is Deadpool, once again, and Hugh Jackman is reprising Wolvie for the final time after the previous final time (they say it will make sense when we see the film). Other returning actors include Brianna Hildebrand, Morena Baccarin and whoever plays “Peter.” New cast members are mostly rumors at this point — Patrick Stewart is only assumed, and the most famous woman in the world might show up as a disco-themed superheroine, but no one can say for certain.

Unless something changes, Deadpool And Wolverine is set to be the ONLY Marvel movie released by Disney in 2024. That sounds wild after the deluge of superhero films over the past decade, a trend Marvel Studios started. But after some distressingly saggy box office numbers for the latest entries (GotG Vol. 3 an exception), you can’t blame them for pulling back and taking a breather. This is also the one movie on the slate that should have no problem making back its budget. I want to see it just as badly as you.

Deadpool And Wolverine will be out July 26.

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