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Cast Of Fox’s Krapopolis Revealed


As anyone who’s studied Greek history knows, the characters in their dense mythology were rather dysfunctional, and since dysfunctional families are the foundation of most prime-time animated comedies, why not take the obvious step? Rick & Morty’s Dan Harmon will soon bring you Krapopolis, a cartoon sitcom about a gaggle of divine yet selfish idiots tasked with managing the world’s first city.

Richard Ayoade plays Tyrannis, King of Krapopolis and the mortal son of Deliria, goddess of self-destruction and questionable choices. One of those choices was procreating with Schlub, a mantitaur and kinda the show’s own invention (he is half centaur — human horse — and half manticore — human scorpion). Tyrannis is the unfortunate result of this seven-car collision of Greek DNA. Hannah Waddingham (Ted Lasso) will do the voice of Deliria and Matt Berry (The IT Crowd) will play Schlub.

Tyrannis’ extended family is a testament to how non-discriminating his mother’s tastes are — half-sister Stupendous is also half-cyclops, and Hippocampus, his half-brother, was produced from a mermaid. Pam Murphy (something on Quibi) has been cast as Stupendous and Duncan Trussell will voice Hippocampus.

Harmon will serve as executive producer of Krapopolis, alongside Jordan Young, who is also the showrunner. The series is one of the first to have no connection to 20th Century Studios (the place that formerly owned Fox and now rests under Disney); Housebroken was the first to bear that distinction. Bento Box is dong the animation.

A while ago Krapopolis made the news for Fox’s announcement that the show would dive into the NFT bubble so hard that it would be “the first-ever animated series curated entirely on the blockchain.” Months later, that bubble has long popped and there is no mention of NFTs or blockchain in the latest reports. Hopefully the whole idea has been abandoned.

Fox still hasn’t revealed when Krapopolis will be ready to air. Our assumption is sometime within the upcoming season.

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