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Batwoman Dual-Premiere Gets Big Ratings On CW


How did the Batwoman premiere do on CW? What were the ratings like?

The CW has become the main home of all the DC Comics TV series, and the new season has brought Batwoman to people’s screens. And since she is a part of the Bat-Family, her show is arguably going to be the most scrutinized of the Arrowverse series as a whole.

Thankfully for her, and the CW, each night that her pilot episode was shown got good ratings. The true timeslot for the series is on the CW at 8pm on Sundays after Supergirl (which entered its fifth season). And the premiere raked in 1.8 million viewers, which was actually more than the Supergirl premiere.

Then, on Tuesday, the Batwoman pilot was shown once more after the premiere of Flash and got 1.1 million viewers. So whether that was people wanting to re-watch it, or people seeing it for the first time, that shows that a lot of people wanted to watch Batwoman.

It’s important to note that many people usually drop off the show after the pilot, so the upcoming episodes will be important for the shows longevity. But at first glance, this seems to be another good showing for the CW/DC comics TV universe.