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My Adventures with Superman: “Most Eligible Superman” Episode Recap

Jimmy and Kara look off into the distance

Previously – Jimmy Olsen was invited to speak about Superman at a S.T.A.R. Labs symposium only to be blindsided when he ended up debating Lex Luthor about whether or not Superman was a problem. Meanwhile, Task Force X managed to trick Sam Lane out of hiding, and he and Lois had to run for their lives. When Superman fought Task Force X to save the Lanes, S.T.A.R. Labs’ exhibits ended up paying the price. With Superman the only one left among the wreckage, Lex Luthor’s point was ultimately proven to the crowd that Superman’s presence causes more harm than good. Superman later overhears Sam’s unkind words about Clark to Lois and, in a moment of desperation, sends out a message to his lost cousin, Kara. Sam waits until Lois leaves the room and flees.

Clark Kent and Lois Lane in the Daily PlanetClark runs into Lois at the Daily Planet. Before they can have an awkward conversation about the things they have been keeping from each other, Perry White sneakily drags them into his office. There’s a Most Eligible Bachelor/Bachelorette in Metropolis contest, and Superman is one of the contestants. Ordinarily, Cat Grant would cover the story, but Perry wants Clark and Lois to cover it because they’re the only reporters Superman has talked to. Perry keeps his voice down and keeps the lights off, but Cat manages to hear all this and bursts into the office.

Outside Perry’s office, Clark and Lois talk about the story. The contest raises money for the children’s hospital, so naturally Superman can’t turn it down. After Clark leaves, Cat tells Lois she is on to Superman’s secret, which worries Lois.

Out on the street, Jimmy is struggling over sending a text to Clark. He feels horrible that Jimmy and Kara get closethe crowd at the S.T.A.R. Labs symposium turned on Superman, no thanks to him giving Lex Luthor advice, but Jimmy doesn’t know how to apologize to Clark. A blond girl wanders into the street, and Jimmy pulls her out of the way of an oncoming truck. Jimmy, taken with her, brags that he’s one of the leaders at the Daily Planet. Unbeknownst to Jimmy, this is Superman’s alien cousin Kara, and she assumes Jimmy is a leader on Planet Earth. She needs his help finding someone, but, in a twist of irony, Jimmy says he’ll help her but they have to run before Clark can see them. Clark tries calling Jimmy, but Jimmy declines to answer. Clark uses his telescopic vision and spots Jimmy ignoring his call.

Cat Grant, Lois Lane, and Clark KentCat has accompanied Lois to the contest, and Lois wants to know what Cat knows about Superman. Cat figures that Superman is in a relationship, and a hilarious series of intense zoom ins between Lois and Cat reveals just how nervous Lois is about Cat knowing the truth. However, Cat concludes Superman is dating one of the other finalists. If she can figure out who Superman is dating, she can figure out who Superman really is. Lois desperately tries to argue that Superman may not even have an alter ego, which Cat brushes off, and Clark shows up. Lois pulls Clark aside and tells him that Cat is on to him and that when he is Superman, he needs to be careful about acknowledging Lois in any way.

While walking with Jimmy, Kara is curious about ice cream and remarks about how her father has restricted her from certain things. Jimmy convinces her to have some, and over ice cream, Kara explains who she is looking for. Her cousin is a fierce warrior and the only one in the universe who can understand her, and she figured he would be easy to find in Metropolis. Jimmy says he can help her.

The contest finalists are introduced, and it’s Hank Henshaw, Chandi Gupta, Byrna Brilyant, and Silver St.Silver St. Cloud flirts with Superman Cloud. Superman shows up and takes a seat. The audience is allowed to ask them questions, but all anyone wants to do is question Superman. He begins describing his ideal partner, but when the description comes too close to sounding like Lois, Superman swerves and says he wants a tall surgeon. Superman makes a positive impression on Silver, who flirts with him and talks about charities she works with. Hank Henshaw is none too pleased about sharing a stage with Superman and points out how dangerous he is. Silver defends Superman, but Henshaw echoes Lex Luthor’s words and says Earth is for Earthlings before storming off. Lois is jealous of Silver, and Cat concludes she knows who Superman is dating.

Jimmy shows Kara around town, and she is impressed by what she sees. Jimmy is so unaware of who he is with that he even misses Kara’s displays of super strength. Meanwhile, Cat tells Lois there’s a vibe between Superman and Silver and that she must be his girlfriend. Lois blurts out that Superman could be dating her, but Cat laughs. She reminds Lois that she is ordinary and a reporter and that she isn’t part of the story.

Jimmy takes Kara to the roof of the Daily Planet and lets slip that he’s fighting with his best friend and is avoiding him. Kara can sympathize, as she came to Metropolis alone to get away from her father. Jimmy realizes that he needs to talk to Clark.

Most Eligible in Metropolis contest with Superman, Silver St. Cloud, Byrna Brilyant, and Chandi GuptaJimmy and Kara make it to the contest, but Jimmy is unable to call Clark. Kara sees the rowdy and rude people in the crowd and gets frustrated by the entire affair. Superman is voted most eligible, and when Silver givesĀ  him a quick kiss on the cheek, Lois runs off in tears. Jimmy finally puts two and two together as Kara tries to introduce herself to Superman. Kara barely gets a sentence in when Superman flies out into the hallway after Lois. It’s another great bit of poetic justice as Superman spent so long trying to find Kara that he has to leave her because keeping a secret about Kara is hurting his relationship with Lois.

Superman and Lois finally talk and get everything out. Lois tells Superman about Sam and the job offer at the Gotham Gazette, and Superman admits he sent out the beacon to find his cousin. Lois is upset that they never talk anymore and that they don’t make sense as a couple in light of the other eligible people Superman could be with. Lois feels that everyone ends up leaving her. As Superman wonders if she’s breaking up with him, Kara kicks her way through the door and demands Superman’s attention.

Kara answered his beacon but is disgusted by the fact that the only other Kryptonian in Kara rants at Supermanexistence isn’t a warrior but parades around as entertainment for mankind. She acknowledges that humanity, like Jimmy, is a temptation but thinks the planet made Superman soft. Kara says they need to conquer Earth and reveals that she is the one in armor and cape we had seen in previous episodes. Superman tries to tell Kara that the Kryptonian empire is gone, but a robotic voice speaking through her armor instructs Kara to take Superman down.

Concerned for the people, Superman flies away and takes the fight with Kara outside. She tells him he doesn’t understand what being a Kryptonian means. Superman fights Kara, but then he becomes worried about the people on the street. Kara expresses a similar moment of worry until the voice speaking to her tells her to comply. Kara uses heat vision, but Superman’s blue bio-aura manifests to fight it off.

We get a brief glimpse of who has been speaking to Kara. He sees Superman’s energy and changes his instructions for Kara to take him captive. Superman again moves the fight to a less populated area, and Lois and Jimmy try to figure out how to follow him.

Kara’s heat vision overpowers Superman’s. Superman tries to convince Kara she doesn’t Superman vs. Karahave to continue her assault, but Kara’s loyalty to the Kryptonian empire is too strong. She encases him in a red box and tells the person she has been talking to that she is en route to him. She then calls him “Father”. Lois and Jimmy arrive in a helicopter just in time to see Kara take Superman off into space.

As far as introductions to Supergirl go, this was an intense one, and it followed up on what we know about Krypton and their nature as conquerors. Kara had been speaking about her father as though he were still alive throughout the entire episode, and it’s only at the end do we realize that she considers the Brainiac computer system to be her father while he calls her “Scion”. Unlike Superman, who was able to come to terms with the mistakes Krypton made through the Jor-El AI, Kara is holding onto the remnants of a dead empire that was a plague on the galaxy.

Kiana Madeira makes her debut performance as Kara (who is also credited as Supergirl at the end of the episode). There’s a sense of optimistic wonder to her while also being a harsh, alien warrior. Her design fits well with the show, although she looks less like Superman’s cousin and more like the long lost relation of Ro Rowan from The Zeta Project. It’ll be great to see more of her in future episodes, hopefully with her softening up to Earth.

With so much focus on Kara, this is the first episode this season to exclude Sam Lane, Lex Kara explores gardenLuthor, and Amanda Waller. It was good to see Superman battle someone other than Task Force X for a change, even if his heart wasn’t entirely in the fight and he ultimately lost.

It’s a little heartbreaking to see the rift between Lois and Clark widen, especially in light of the fact that Lois’ abandonment issues have been creeping in on her. Lois let Cat’s words get to her that Superman would naturally be with an extraordinary person, not realizing that Superman sees himself as a ordinary man. If this episode had a weak spot, it was Jimmy being oblivious to the fact that he was with Superman’s cousin the whole time. He was observant enough to know about Clark’s abilities soon after they met, but nothing clued him in to the fact that Kara is an alien, and he was never a part of the subplot of Superman and the beacon to begin with. It’s also strange Jimmy would try to call Clark when he showed up to the contest considering Superman was front and center. Jimmy possibly didn’t know Superman would be a contestant, but this episode wasn’t the best display of Jimmy’s intelligence.

Once again, we get another Gotham City transplant with Silver St. Cloud, who has been criminally underrepresented in the history of Batman animation. She was originally a Batman love interest, but she shows up here to make Lois feel inferior. Strange that Vicki Vale, another Batman love interest, did the same, and that both women are so much taller than Lois. It’s interesting to note that while trying to figure out who Superman is dating, Cat didn’t rule out the possibility that Superman might be dating a man. In the comics, Chandi Gupta was a lesser known member of the Justice League Europe and Byrna Brilyant is the villain Blue Snowman. George Taylor, one of the reporters in the audience, announces that he is from the Daily Star. Taylor dates back to the very first appearance of Superman, as he was Clark Kent’s boss before Perry White was created. Jimmy’s net worth shrinks from $2,999,098 to $2,998,784. Apparently, he spent $314 in one afternoon feeding Kara.

The end credits, which had been a zooming in to the Daily Planet from space, flip that this time around. Lois and Jimmy, without Clark, stand on the Daily Planet building while the camera zooms out into space.

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