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Disney+ Show Updates: Tiana, Baymax, Marvel ‘n More


Disney+ announced a LOT of new cartoons yesterday; more than we could post about in one day. Here are some of the animated attractions you’ll be able to find on the streaming service over the next two years…

Tiana: This was announced last year and there still isn’t a trailer, but there IS some revealed concept art and this tiny blurb describing the show: “The series follows newly crowned Princess of Maldonia on a new adventure, but her New Orleans past isn’t far behind.” Either Charlotte is part of it or we riot. The series won’t be ready until 2023.


Baymax: I can’t think of any other Disney movie character who has been given TWO TV shows, and Baymax is an odd figure to reach that record. He has almost no personality beyond the things he’s programmed to say, and he often doesn’t feel like he’s even aware of his surroundings. He’s as featureless as a cartoon character can get, with the bare minimum of what can be recognized as a face. His teammates have ten times the personality he does. Honey Lemon is RIGHT THERE and yet all the attention goes to Baymax.

So this is a “no frills” spinoff of Big Hero 6 where Baymax simply waddles around San Fransokyo saying weird things and disrupting people’s lives by “helping” them. The only other recognizable character that appears is Aunt Cass — if you want anyone else, you’ll have to rewatch the 2 1/2 seasons of the OTHER series. Sorry.

The Proud Family: Louder & Prouder: Last time I had to write about this, I had to admit I never really watched the original run of the show, and from what I remember, neither did a lot of people…it just existed in the background of other, more popular things. Now comes its second chance — returning in the same format with the same voice cast, do the Prouds have what it takes to finally achieve mainstream success? After watching this trailer, we feel it’s possible. These clips are pretty darn funny.

Marvel Zombies: The What If… cartoon was very fertile ground for spinoffs. We’d like to see more of Super Peggy, but they greenlit this series based on the zombie universe instead. Maybe the fact that a Marvel Zombies series of comics exists may have played a role in the decision.

Spider-Man: Too early to know much, but this will be set in the continuity of the Marvel-Sony partnership movies, so the final title will presumably have the word “home” somewhere in it. It’ll be a prequel to the movies, depicting Parker’s first steps toward becoming a superhero.

Cars on the Road: The Cars franchise has been the bane of Pixar purists since the original debuted in 2006; kids loved it but a lot of adults felt it was lower in quality than the mammoth studio’s other offerings. Like it or not, you’re getting many, many more hours of Larry the Cable Guy playing a hick tow truck on top of what already exists. No trailer, but you do get a logo and three production sketches, including one that reveals dinosaurs never went extinct in the Dimension Where All Life Is A Car.