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Live-Action Pac-Man Movie Now In Development

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In the distant future, Pac-Man could be coming to a cinema screen near you. Seems his owners at Bandai Namco found the success of Sonic the Hedgehog’s movies too alliuring, and wants to do the same thing with ol’ Pac. We mean literally the same thing — this is not an animated movie, it is live-action, likely with a CG Pac-Man (unless the director has REALLY bad taste and feels like encasing someone in a bulbous yellow costume.)

There are no plot details whatsoever, but the mere word “live-action” suggests some unavoidable tropes that could have been dodged in a more animated movie. We’re guessing he goes through a portal into a real-world city, befriends someone, and has to stop the game’s villains from coming through the same portal and wrecking everything. Somewhere along the way, Pac-Man’s human friend will lie to him, the lie will be revealed and Pac-Man will run away sobbing, but he will forgive the friend in the movie’s climax. Also, both Pac-Man and the human will be played by Chris Pratt.

Since Pac-Man is the most iconic video game character of all time, I really don’t have to explain anything about him, but since it makes the Google search engine robots happy, here we go: he is a perfectly round yellow being who runs around mazes eating dots while googly-eyed ghosts chase him. If Pac-Man eats a special dot, of which there are typically four on each maze, the roles will be reversed and HE can eat THEM, but only for a limited amount of time until the ghosts come back for revenge. For more information on Pac-Man, watch Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.

Wayfarer Studios, a production company founded by Justin Baldoni and Steve Sarowitz, is working on the project now, with Chuck Williams of Lightbeam Entertainment producing. Williams worked on the first Sonic movie. It’s too early to promise this film will definitely happen, but at the moment, it’s a thing, to premiere in an unspecified and undetermined year.

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