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A Cartoon Network Hotel Opens Next Summer In Pennsylvania


Cartoon Network has been building a themed attraction for its characters in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, next to Dutch Wonderland. It’s not exactly a theme park (you have to go to Bali to see that)…the former Continental Inn, and its 165 rooms, are currently being shaped into a Cartoon Network experience.

The first-ever Cartoon Network Hotel is set to open in June 2020, and reservations are open as of this week. “From the moment you enter the lobby, you’ll realize this is unlike any place your family has stayed before,” the official website brags. ”With our character-themed guest rooms and Dream Suites, it’s like having a sleepover…in a cartoon!”

From the provided pictures, it feels more like walking into a three-dimensional version of one of CN’s promo commercials. The look is tailored to the channel’s current promotional aesthetic exactly, and given how they tend to change campaigns on a dime, this place could become dated in six months — or possibly even before it opens.

How frequently does CN plan to refresh the neon signs and wall decor of this hotel? In five years, will kids have any idea why this sign is talking about bears that are bare? Even now, is there a demand in the first place to stay in a bedroom for one night while Finn and Steven leer at you from a wall?

We’ll see if anyone bites on the hefty asking price. A one-night stay at the Cartoon Network Hotel costs $289 for a standard room, and $489 for a Dream Suite. But if you’ve got the cash, here’s your honeymoon destination.