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Zuko Actor Explains Avatar The Last Airbender Reunion


Avatar The Last Airbender is by and large one of the greatest animated series and “American Anime” ever made. And for a very good reason. The show was written beautifully, had characters that you couldn’t help but love, was drawn in a mesmerizing way, and told a complete story that had many twists and turns. 2020 was a big year for the series as the main show and its sequel series Legend of Korra arrived on Netflix to much fan applause. And now, Dante Basco, the voice of Zuko, announced a little while back that the cast in large part will reunite here in 2021.

Basco talked with Entertainment Weekly, and in that interview he explained many things about the reunion of the cast. Including how it was at first done slowly with singular actors to help calm some of his fears about the pandemic that was going on in the world. He started with the voice of Aang on a Twitch stream and realized that he wanted to get the whole of “Team Avatar” back together again.

Basco also admits that he and the “Gaang” see each other quite a bit during “regular times” because they all do Comic-Cons together depending on the location and such as they’re such popular voice actors and beyond.

But he noted that this was the perfect time to get everyone back together because of what was going on in the world today. Because like in the Avatar world there is a lot of unrest and a desire to make memorable change. Getting the “Gaang” back together will likely make a lot of people happy in his eyes (and he’s right) and that could inspire great things.

There has been no official word as to when the Avatar The Last Airbender reunion will take place, but it’s likely to be a big event when it happens.