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Zootopia+ Lands On Disney+ Tomorrow+


Guess what’s coming to Disney+ this Wednesday? Another episode of Andor. Maybe he’ll get out of the labor prison this week, maybe he won’t. We CAN guarantee that Mon Mothma will stand around and talk a lot. But if you get bored, we’re also getting the return of Disney’s Zootopia in the form of a series of shorts, that they simply call Zootopia+. Math symbols are the new trend!

Zootopia+ expands on various moments before and after the events of the animated film. Such as…

* “Hopp on Board”: Judy Hopps is riding the train from her hometown to Zootopia to start work as a police officer. Hitching a ride is Stu and Bonnie’s youngest daughter, Molly.
* “The Real Rodents of Little Rodentia”: Fru Fru, now engaged, plans out every obsessive detail of her wedding and feuds with Shrew of Honor Tru Tru.
* “Duke the Musical:” Duke was the name of the weasel Hopps arrested by trapping him in a giant donut. As he sits in jail, he ponders how he could have gone so wrong — and sings about it.
* “The Godfather of the Bride”: Arctic shrew Mr. Big wasn’t always so big; he was once known as Mr. Small and an insignificant figure in Zootopia. Learn his secrets for becoming huge, at least in name.
* “So You Think You Can Prance”: Less a pun and more the name of an actual program in Zootopia, which we assume works like the one on Earth. ZPD dispatcher Clawhauser thinks Police Chief Bogo should audition.
* “Dinner Rush”: Sam needs to end her shift early to make it in time to the big Gazelle concert, but Flash and Priscilla — the sloths — are making it difficult to finish her last table.

Where’s Nick Wilde, the other main character from the film? He’s not in this. It’s unclear why — maybe Jason Bateman’s schedule wasn’t open.

To watch Zootopia+, boot up the Disney+ app wherever it’s available starting tomorrow and there will be a big graphic of it you can select. Can’t miss it!