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"Zipang" Vol. 5: Marty McFly in the Navy


As a huge World War II history buff, I’m easily entertained by anything remotely related to it, such as my all-time favorite anime Space Battleship Yamato. Since I already know about most of the war’s actual events, I find “what if?” scenarios especially involving. As a kid I was entranced by the 1980 Kirk Douglas film The Final Countdown, in which a modern U.S. nuclear aircraft carrier is transported by a strange storm back in time to the day before the Pearl Harbor attack, and the crew must decide whether to use their technological superiority to change the course of history. No one likes a good time travel (or “time slip” as they like to call them) yarn more than the Japanese, and a few decades later they answered with their own twist on this concept: the tense and historically rich naval thriller Zipang.

Image releases. Alas, Zipang is shown no such respect by Geneon, who include nary an extra of note. I can deal with the disappointing lack of an art gallery and the horribly drab cover, but the curious absence of historical background info is bound to leave many young viewers confused about the narrative. Heck, I would have been happy to contribute the research myself.

If you enjoyed Letters From Iwo Jima and are interested in learning more about the Second World War on the other side of the Pacific, Zipang is a must see. However the history-averse are likely to be bored silly, and the inebriated may wake up with a hitch-year hitch.