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Zenkaikon 2013: Sunday…..guuhhhh…..Sunday


I suppose it’s a mark of a good con when you wake up Sunday morning and want more sleep.  Either than or it mean your roommates get up waaaayyyyy too early and love to chatter.  Or maybe it’s both?  Regardless, Sunday is definitely chilluns time on the con floor as most of the adults are either still passed out or packing up their stuff to start moving back towards real life, slightly more imperative this time as there was a snow storm drifting in.  Yes, a snow storm at the end of March.  Damn you global warming!!!!! *shakes fist futilely at the sky*

But we’re here to talk about Zenkaikon, not the vagarities of the weather patterns.  It’s actually ended up being a rather chilled out con overall.  Having only two panel tracks for all of Saturday and Sunday may have a little bit to do with that since it meant things were less crazed in trying to hit up every single interesting thing.  Hopefully next year we’ll have more rooms and fewer weddings/chruch services/Waste Management meetings using up parts of the building and we will have a full slate of programing on all days.  Even with the limited number of panel rooms for Saturday and Sunday the programing ended being quite varied and interesting.  Kudos to whoever is incharge of the panel slate this year.  Kudos as well to the folks who put the tabletop gaming room together.  Excellent selection of games for the offering, along with very nice prizes.  First time I’ve ever gotten a prize for winning a game of Blockus.

Personally, I wasn’t too sure about how the move to Lancaster would work out.  Lets face it, who thinks about Amish country and goes “Perfect spot for an anime covention!”, but it’s actually worked out the quite nicely.  As noted before the building is very well set up for a con and the surrounding neighborhood has a surprising number of really nice restaurants and beer bars.  Maybe that’s not the kind of thing that everyone looks for in a convention site, but I happen to think having a good place to get some vittles and drinks is quite important, and downtown Lancaster, PA, measures up quite nicely.  It’s actually a bit sad to say goodbye and have to go home, but all good things must come to an end.  Thankfully Zenkaikon is returning to Lancaster next year, last weekend in April.  Scheduling gods willing, I shall return!